Mission Statement

"Our mission is to provide informative and spiritually edifying literature that reflects the teachings and traditions of the Orthodox Church, and to offer a diverse range of materials for readers of all ages. Through the publication of biblical commentaries, church history, biographies of saints, and resources for the celebration of feasts and fasts, we aim to nourish the spiritual lives of Orthodox Christians and to share the beauty of our faith with the wider world."

St Shenouda Press is a Christian Orthodox book Publisher. We offer a wide range of books for all ages. For over twenty-five years our books have been used as resources for Sunday school and youth groups around the world.

Our books are being shipped from sites all over the world, therefore dramatically reducing shipping cost and allowing our readers to buy their books at the most affordable price wherever they are in the world.

Since 2020, St Shenouda press has been translating their titles to other languages such as French and German to allow French and German readers the chance to taste the beauty of the Orthodox Church and learn more about her theology, history and saints.

Starting in 2023, St Shenouda Press will expand its translation efforts to countries where there is an established mission but a lack of resources. Brazil will be one of the first established missions that we will be working closely with to provide them with necessary books in Portuguese that will help in the education and spiritual transformation of the congregation. 

At St Shenouda Press, we are more than just a publisher. We are your partner in your spiritual journey, dedicated to shaping a generation of young adults, teens, and children and empower them to be rooted in the Orthodox tradition, while remaining engaged with the contemporary world.

  • Young Adults

    St Shenouda Press addresses the various needs of young adults by offering a wide range of topics and genres specifically designed for young adults. Our offerings delve into topics of orthodox faith, identity, and life’s challenges from an Orthodox perspective, written by contemporary saints as well as established and upcoming authors, this series will have something for every taste.

    These books aim to spark meaningful reflection and conversation. We strike a balance between theological depth and real-world relevance, equipping young adults with the spiritual tools they need to navigate their unique journey. Our aim is to nourish their intellectual curiosity, enhance their faith, and foster a life-long passion for reading while learning and growing deeper in their Orthodox faith.

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  • Teens Books

    Our Teens Series is a harmonious blend of Orthodox tradition and teen-focused content. This collection includes interactive Bible study guides aimed at helping teenagers understand, reflect upon, and apply the Scriptures to their daily lives. Complementing this series are our specially curated books for church seasons and feasts, intricately weaving liturgical traditions with essential biblical teachings.

    Expanding our commitment to equip our youth, we’ve introduced a series on Apologetics, designed to empower teens to confidently express and defend their faith in a modern context. This series illuminates the core tenets of the Orthodox faith, addressing common questions and offering reasoned, scripture-based responses.

    Recognizing the pivotal role of Sunday School servants, our resources are meticulously designed to aid them in nurturing spiritually rich, informed young Orthodox Christians. Our materials not only impart knowledge but also stimulate discussion, fostering a deeper connection with the faith.

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  • Children's Books

    We understand the concerns parents and Sunday School servants have about finding suitable Orthodox Christian reading material for their children that is both engaging and beneficial for their spiritual growth.

    Our Children’s series is thoughtfully curated to resonate with children aged 0-5 and 5-8. It ranges from captivating narratives about the lives of saints fostering a spiritual connection from their earliest years. As they grow, the series continues to feed their curiosity with deeper explorations into the saints’ lives and set them as examples to guide them in their spiritual journey.

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