What is St Shenouda Press?

St Shenouda Press is a Christian Orthodox book publishing service by St Shenouda Monastery in Sydney, Australia. We translate and publish some of the great classics translated to English from their original languages (Arabic, Coptic, and Syriac) as well as contemporary English books. We also accept manuscripts and translated work for publication. If you are a writer, or have translated a book please email it to us for assessment

Who can place an order on our website?

Anyone can place an order on our website and subscribe to our service to get updates on our new releases and special offers before anyone else.

Do we get discount for bulk orders?

Of course! We provide 20% discounts if you order 20+ books in one transaction. This must be in a single transaction and all books to be shipped to the same address. This can be used for Sunday school gifts, church bookshop orders or youth groups.

Do we have to order 20 copies of the same book to get the 20% discount?

You can order mixed titles and still get the 20% discount as long as you have 20+ books in your cart when you checkout on our website.

Do you only ship to Australia?

We ship our books to anywhere in the world:

Australia:  For orders in Australia, we take individual and bulk orders from our website

International: We accept bulk orders only for international orders on our website. Bulk orders are for 20+ copies. This can be either for a church bookshop, Sunday school group, a group of friends ordering together or even an individual who wants to buy more than 20 books in one order as long as they are shipped to the same address.

Where do your books get shipped from?

We use On Demand Printing, the latest technology in the printing world; which means that when you make an order, it will be sent to your address locally not via international mail; therefore significantly reduce the overall cost of your order.

This applies to any part of the world, Australia, United States, Canada and United Kingdom.

This means that when you order our books say for example from anywhere in the United States or Canada, it gets shipped to you from the US. Orders from anywhere in Europe will be shipped from the UK, etc

How long does it take to ship an order?

Orders usually get shipped very quickly depending on the availability of the items you’ve ordered.

Your order will be shipped within 7 – 10 working days from the day you place your order.

To avoid any delays in your order, please place your orders early especially for upcoming special occasions like church fete or a book fair. Or any other church seasons like Christmas and Easter.

Shipping seems to be expensive when I order from the US, why is that?

Our Printing partner in the US is located in Tennessee. Shipping costs will vary depending on how far or close your delivery address is from Tennessee.

Every time I go to purchase a book the website asks me for minimum of 7 item. I want to order only one book what should I do?

Our US shipping company overcharges for small number of books and there is nothing we can do about that so we found ordering 7 books is the best value for money.So you have three options:

– Add more books (7 in total) to the cart and make use of the cheaper shipping.


– If you order more than 20 books you get further 20٪؜off


– Order the book from amazon or any other online store.

When I go to the website from Australia it shows the price of the books in US dollars. Can I make an order in Australian dollars?

Yes you sure can, all you have to do is add the books you want to basket and add your address and all the prices will change to Australian dollars.

What payment options do you have on your website?

You can pay directly on our website using your credit card.

Visa and MasterCard: we do accept credit card payments on our website. Just choose your items and go to checkout and follow the steps to finalise your payment.

Where can I buy individual copies of your books if I don’t live in Australia?

Our books are available on the majority of the online bookstores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository and eBay.

A tip to reduce shipping costs:

  • Book Depository ship the books from UK
  • Barnes & Noble and Amazon ship from US
  • eBay ship from Australia

I tried to order from Amazon, but your books are out of stock?

Amazon online store seems to sometimes show that some of our items are out of stock. We are aware of this issue which is out of our control and working with them to get it fixed.

The good news is our books are available on most of the major online stores. Visit Barnes & Nobel, Book Depository, eBay or our website to find the book you are looking for.

Do you have any recommendations for Sunday school gift ideas?

We tend to get this question a lot from Sunday school and youth servants. The good news is, we offer great ideas for Sunday School gift ideas for kids, teens and young adults.

  • Sunday school Gift ideas for Kids

We have recently started publishing kids’ books. Our first book is called A Friend From Heaven which teaches the kids about the importance of having friendships with the Saints.

  • Sunday school Gift ideas for teens

We have published many books for our Orthodox Teens. Please check the list below for some ideas

  • Teens Bible study series – Jonah for Teens, The Gospel of John for Teens
  • Teens guide for Holy Week
  • Teens guide for Lent

We also have a series called All Time Heroes from All Times which is suitable for teens

  • The Life of St Mary
  • The Life of St George
  • The Life of Tamav Kerya Iskander
  • Sunday school Gift ideas

There are many books for young adults published by St Shenouda press. Check out our store for gift ideas.

Do you have Sunday school gift ideas for different church seasons?

Yes, check out our website for more details. Seasonal books are located at the bottom of our Home Page. Click here


What other services does St Shenouda Monastery provides?

St Shenouda Monastery also provide contemporary Christian music service. Visit Asaph Tunes website for more information. www.asaphtunes.com

We aim to encourage young Orthodox Christian artists to write, compose and sing new songs using contemporary music. A very important aspect of a song is its educational value that it offers to listeners. In other words the lyrics must present a substantial theological teaching about the Orthodox Church teaching and theology.

Asaph Tunes’ role is to encourage and present the work of those artists to the best quality and provide it in the most common media available such as iTunes and soundcloud and various other internet radios stations.

Who is St Shenouda?

Click here to know more about St Shenouda

What should I do if I want to contact you regarding an order or if I have any questions regarding your books and website?

Send us an email at sales@stshenoudapress.com or fill out the contact form below:

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