HG Bishop Epiphanius | Being In Christ

HG Bishop Epiphanius | Being In Christ



Known to all as a scholar with amazing humility, the late HG Bishop Anba Epiphanius gave a powerful and comforting sermon, emphasising what it truly means to be ‘In Him’.


Using examples such as St Paul, Anba Epiphanius tells us that the first and most important theological lesson St Paul learnt from God while persecuting Christians, was that he persecuted Christ Himself.

Upon learning about this mystery, even Christ’s disciples understood what it means to be in Christ – they are His members from His flesh and bones, united with the Trinity.


“All of the works of Christ on the cross are given to us through the Eucharist… Through the Eucharist we become one in Christ so any persecution that falls upon Christians – falls on Christ Himself.”


With deep love for the Church and its future, His Grace had a passion to see the Church develop in its theological education both in Egypt and abroad. May his teachings resonate through our hearts. Our Prayers are with all our Brothers the Monks/Fathers at St Macarius Monastery in Egypt, may God give them Peace, strength and steadfastness in their Journey towards Heaven.