Marriage Calling – World Teens’ Day Insights | Orthodox Answers

Marriage Calling | Orthodox Answers

Mounier and Sandra Sayegh are an Orthodox couple living in the United States. In this video, they explore their calling as Christians which was the marriage vocation.

Commonly, we view marriage as the default. However, Mounier and Sandra explain that this should not be the case. Instead, we must strive to reflect God’s love for us to the rest of the world as well as glorify God no matter what our calling is.

“We must find ourselves in Christ and establish God’s will for us and then find somebody whose purpose aligns with our one.”

Sandra and Mounier explain that once you find who you are in Christ, that’s when God leads you to the right path where you can reach your fullest potential.

They also discuss how through marriage, they found within each other certain gifts that enabled them to minister God’s teachings to each other. Ultimately, reflecting God’s covenant of love.

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