Orthodox Christian Bookstore | Praying with Saint Paul

Orthodox Christian Bookstore | Praying with Saint Paul


We all can admit that at one point or another, we have struggled with prayer. The Bible provides excellent examples of simple people who struggled and succeeded in prayer, but none like Saint Paul.

Behind his boundless energy as an apostle, tentmaker, missionary, pastor and theologian, St Paul must have had an extraordinary prayer life!

“Praying with Saint Paul” provides an easy to follow guide that will transform your prayer life, providing practical advice from the Apostle’s inspirational, miraculous and sometimes dangerous voyages.

Throughout the journey of this book, you will explore prayer as demonstrated through St Paul’s life and teachings. And with each passing chapter, a new eye-opening way St Paul integrates prayer into his everyday life awaits you!

So…are you ready to go on the journey with St Paul to learn and transform your prayers?

St Paul’s prayer models have greatly enriched the prayer life of the Church and we pray it will enrich yours.