Patrology – Fr Tadros Malaty | Part 4 – Early Apologists | Orthodox Sermons Series

Patrology – Fr Tadros Malaty | Part 4 – Early Apologists

Over time, the apologists have revealed that many of the Church’s beliefs, dogma, order, and canons have their roots directed to the apostles. For example, through writings of the apologists, we have discovered how: the church was concerned with the Eucharist as the core of worship, that the church was called the place of sacrifice, as well as discovered the concept of martyrdom.

With this respect, the apologists have a significant role in the contemporary Church as they pave the way for how we should act when we find that our teachings and dogma are under attack by society.

Watch as Fr Tadros explains that in history, the Christians have been attacked by four distinct groups and how the apologists were able to refute such challenging beliefs.

Make sure to stay tuned as we will be posting more segments from this Orthodox sermon series!

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