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Abba Kyrillos: Patriarch and Solitary - eBook

Abba Kyrillos: Patriarch and Solitary - eBook

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This book is a well-balanced biography of the Patriarch and Solitary Pope Kyrillos, that looks at him from several angles whereas most of the many other books about him deal with his miracles or with one of his ascetic virtues. Those who have known Pope Kyrillos, will enjoy seeing him alive in this book.

Since 1981, Dr. Watson has worked hard for the Coptic Church. Because he loved the Coptic Church he studied her history, her theology, and spirituality, her liturgy and language and her icons. Before writing this book, he had prolonged visits to Egypt during which he lived among the monks in their ancient monasteries, spoke to the highest ranks of the hierarchy as well as to the poorest Copts in the slums of Cairo, and visited the historical churches.

By: John Watson

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