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Apologetics for Teens-The Problem of Evil

Apologetics for Teens-The Problem of Evil

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Apologetics for Teens - The Problem of Evil :- A question that has been asked for centuries, by both Christians and atheists alike, is: If there is an all-powerful, all-loving God, then how can there be evil in the world? And one only needs to look around them to see that there is, indeed, evil in the world, whether it comes in the form of human sin or the suffering of living creatures or natural disasters and diseases. However, the problem of evil is not quite so simple, for asking such a question can mean one of three things.

One might be asking whether it is logical for a good God to co-exist with evil in the same world. Alternatively, one could agree that it is logically possible, but question how a good God could allow quite so much evil to exist in the world, wondering why He would not have made a world with less evil than there currently is. And finally, one may not be asking a logical question at all, but may simply be in pain and frustrated at some terrible thing that has happened.

An apologetics approach to these questions is all about finding the most reasonable answers to these questions, while also being humble enough to admit when the knowledge available to human minds is limited. There are many responses to the problem of evil, in all three of its forms, many of which are concerned with the brokenness of the world and human nature, but it is most vital for the Christian to remember that Christ, through His own suffering and death on the cross, has rendered death impotent and can transfigure any suffering we could go through into something He can use for good.

Armed with this knowledge, the Christian can face their suffering knowing that they are never alone—that Christ dwells in the midst of their suffering and can both strengthen them through it and use it for a good that is more powerful than evil. One important way in which He does this is by working in one suffering person so that they may help others who are also in pain. Christ bore the sin and pain of every person in the world, and each person is now called to help others carry their burdens too. Thus, even though there may be much evil in the world, there is no evil that is stronger than good, and because of Christ, one can say with confidence that love is more powerful than death.

About the Author:

Bethany Kaldas is a student of science and philosophy, as well as a part-time learning designer. Thus, in both work and study, she takes on the role of an eternal student, constantly asking questions, learning new things and striving to develop her understanding of God, the world and the people in it.

She serves in the church of Archangel Michael and Saint Bishoy, her home away from home, while also participating in a number of other services beyond her parish, including the Alethia apologetics group. In her spare time, you are likely to find her writing, drawing, gaming or playing with her pets (one tiny dog and one lazy snake).

Author : Bethany Kaldas
ISBN : 978-0-6455543-1-1
Publisher Name : St Shenouda Press
Publisher URL :
Publication Year : 2022
Size: 6×9in
Pages : 80 pages

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