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The Feast of the Presenting the Lord Christ in the Temple

The Feast of the Presenting the Lord Christ in the Temple

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Joyful Biblical Encounters In 2004, I asked some children in one of our churches in the United States, “How did Simeon the Elder know that Jesus was the Christ that the fathers and prophets were waiting for in the Old Testament at His presenting to the temple?” One child answered, “He must have seen a vision that revealed this truth to him.” Here we began to discuss: What was this vision? Were his eyes opened to see the angels and heavenly hosts hasten from the Holy of Holies towards the child that Saint Mary was carrying, who bowed down in awe with joy and cheer for His coming? Or perhaps he saw the angels preaching Him as they did on Christ’s Nativity when they preached the shepherds? Or maybe he saw Hades shaking and the people of God filled with gladness, urging Him to come and break their chains and bring them into Paradise? Either way, his eyes were opened somehow to see what those in the temple had not seen at the time.

It is the feast of the open eyes that see God's wondrous salvation!

My son, why do you deprive yourself from seeing me? Why do you close your eyes from me? Carry me in your arms as Simeon the elder carried me, for I desire for you never to leave my arms. Behold, my virgin mother brought me to Simeon the elder and she longs to introduce me to you. Then your heart will be filled with heavenly joy and inexpressible happiness, and your life will be transformed into an uninterrupted feast. The feast of my entrance into the temple shall become your eternal feast that fills your whole being with my exalted grace. - Fr Tadros Y.Malaty

Presented by St Shenouda Monastery Sydney Australia

Author: Fr Tadros Y.Malaty

Publisher: St Shenouda Press

Year: 2021

Pages: 22


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