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From me to you

From me to you

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Perhaps the greatest fault that besets Christians in the modern world is that they have forgotten one of the most important, core aspects of the faith: that God loves us. Establishing a healthy, God-centred view of self is what allows Christians to go beyond themselves, see others for what they really are, and therefore be able to reach out to them and serve them in ways that would not be possible without the living awareness of God’s love for us and them.

Christians all too often hold a distorted view of themselves. As a result of this, they are incapable of properly relating to and serving others. Their insecurities and fears about their own worth tend to drag their attention back to themselves and how they can prove themselves to others and find their place in the world. Sadly, this prevents the development of true connection, and of the sincere love of others in the unconditional, self-sacrificial way to which a Christian is called.

The solution is to return to the roots of the Christian faith, the belief that God loves every person and yearns for every person, regardless of the negative messages about self-worth that bombard and discourage the modern person, or the sins that everyone falls into daily. The Christian needs to find daily renewal in continually remembering that she is the constant recipient of God’s unconditional and infinite love, even unto death on the cross, and entrust her life to it.

In setting the feet back on the road to restoring belief in the abundant love and acceptance of God, Christians can begin to see others—and themselves—through the loving eyes of God. Acknowledging this divine love opens the door to the realisation that that the neighbour is loved in the same way as the self, and reveals the infinite value inherent in all of God’s creatures.

Only then can Christians begin to serve their neighbours as if they were the very hands of God, doing the work of God. The recollection of the infinite love of God bestows the security to be able to not only look beyond the self, but to step beyond one’s comfort zone in order to meet the needs of another. This will entail a degree of sacrifice—not merely of money, but also perhaps of reputation, time, and even peace. At this point, the Christian must rely on God to guide her to the broken hearts around her, so that she can share in their suffering and therefore bring them closer to healing, just as Christ did for all those whom He met during His ministry, and still does for each person, even now.

Author : Bethany Kaldas
ISBN : 978-0-6457703-8-4
Publisher Name : St Shenouda Press
Publisher URL :
Publication Year : 2023
Size: 5.5×8.5in
Pages :

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