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The Grapevine Cross: The Story of St Nina of Georgia

The Grapevine Cross: The Story of St Nina of Georgia

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Can God really use a young girl to bring an entire nation from the worship of idols to faith in the one true God? ‘The Grapevine Cross’ is the story of St Nina, an Israeli girl living in the fourth century, whom God used to bring the country of Georgia to faith in Him. St Nina was just an ordinary girl. She had no extraordinary skills or talents, just a deep love for all and a willingness to obey God. It was these ordinary qualities that God used to bring the people of Georgia to faith in Him.

As a child Nina had heard of Georgia and had prayed for many years that God would send someone to tell the people the good news about Jesus. One night the Theotokos visited her in a dream and told her to go to Georgia. She gave St Nina a grapevine cross and when St Nina awoke she discovered, to her surprise, that she still had the grapevine cross in her hand. She realized then that she had been chosen to go to Georgia. It was a long and difficult journey, and when she arrived she faced unbelief from the Jews and suspicion from the Georgian people. However, she did not allow this to overwhelm her and continued to trust God and pray for the people who lived in fear of their ‘gods’. When a child was miraculously healed through St Nina’s prayers, and the people saw her kindness and love they began at last to believe in the God of Nina.

St Nina was a young girl and her story is an inspiration for children who think they are too young or too ordinary for God. Like St Nina, they can learn that all God wants is a willing heart and an obedient soul.

Author : Janet Tiitinen
ISBN : 978-0-6455543-0-4
Publisher Name : St Shenouda Press
Publisher URL :
Publication Year : 2022
Size: 8×8in

Pages : 32
Age: 0-5
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