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Holy Week and Me

Holy Week and Me

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The events of Holy Week are filled with important teachings about Jesus mission and His love and forgiveness to humanity. Jesus invites us to follow His journey, from His jubilant entry into Jerusalem, through to the agonising cross of our freedom from sin. We are called not only to learn about his cross but be “partakers of Christ's sufferings” so that when His glory is revealed we “may also be glad with exceeding joy”

“Holy Week and Me” is a soul-nourishing companion to the prayers, hymns and reflections during this precious time of year. Read and meditate on the meditative words of Fr Bishoy Kamel who share his contemplations about Christ’s selfless sacrifice, performed out of pure love for His creation. 

His sermons have been curated and transformed to allow us to grow closer to Christ each day. Whether it is the season of Holy Week or any other season, this book promises to inspire, and transform your perspective on the Cross of Jesus as we reflect on Jesus’ last week of His earthly journey, and reveals to us His divine love that He offers to humanity.

May we open our hearts to the love of God and be disciples of His life-giving cross. May our worship be filled with the transformative power of Christ's love, transforming every aspect of our lives. Amen

Author: Fr Bishoy Kamel

ISBN: 978-1-7635450-0-7

Publisher Name : St Shenouda Press

Publisher URL :

Publication Year : 2021

Size: 5.5x8.5in

Pages : 64

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