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The Incendus Letters - Further Letters from a Senior to a Junior Devil

The Incendus Letters - Further Letters from a Senior to a Junior Devil

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Have you ever wondered what the bad guys of the spiritual world were thinking? Or if mental ailments could talk, what would they say?

To commemorate 80 years since C.S. Lewis; classic satirical novel The Screwtape Letters, The Incendus Letters welcomes a new generation of readers to glimpse the perspective of the demons that plague their lives. Follow Maniacus, a maleficent senior demon, as he provides advice to his offspring Incendus, charged with ensuring the condemnation of a human on Earth. Set in the 21st century, Karras harnesses Lewis; epistolary format to explore the complexities and hidden traps of modern living. From technological snares, to the vices of living to be busy, these letter dissect the very essences of not just why we have these challenges, but how to overcome them. Each letter includes at least one topic for discussion which contributes to the lifelong battle between the good and evil forces as they contest for the precious soul of the unknown person.

The letters pertain to the personal struggles of temptation and the continuous trials and tribulations present in various types of relationships, rendering the book disconcertingly relevant and appropriate for readers of all ages, simply because they act as an unyielding mirror of what it is to struggle.

Through the inverted lens of nefarious intent, readers are creatively invited to consider both religious and secular ideologies which aim to reduce the power of various painful, harmful and diminishing habits, patterns and characteristics of being human. Through this process, readers have the opportunity of applying these concepts, and experience a life of greater peace, fulfilment and ultimately, happiness.

Spiritual or not, this meditation on what it means to be human invites all readers to consider how they can defeat their own demons, and by doing so, help others with theirs.

Author : Joshua Karras
ISBN : 978-0-6451395-3-2
Publisher Name : St Shenouda Press
Publisher URL :
Publication Year : 2022
Size: 5×8in
Pages : 166
Age: Young Adults
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