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Jonah - A Story of Repentance

Jonah - A Story of Repentance

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The story of Jonah is a story full of hope for those who have the desire for true repentance and return to the bosom of God.. It is a story that illustrates God’s plan for the salvation of every soul, not only those who are already under His wings, but the ones who are still astray. It displays that God subdues everything and everyone in order to save us.

When we face hardships in our lives, we sometimes accuse God that he has forsaken us or that He no longer cares for us.The story of Jonah the prophet is a story that illustrates that this is not God’s true position towards us during these hard times.

Author: Mina Salma

Source: St Shenouda Press

Size: 5x8 in

Isbn: 978-0-6485754-4-3

Pages: 34

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