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Jonah the prophet - A Temple at Sea!

Jonah the prophet - A Temple at Sea!

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Every symbol has some resemblance to what it symbolizes, and at the same time it is not the exact same thing! If both were exactly the same, there would no longer be an original and a symbol (or a type), because each of them would be a separate truth. This is what we see in the character of Jonah and his story and in other characters and events, like how the bronze serpent is a symbol of the cross, and the character of Joshua is a symbol of Jesus Christ who enters to the heavenly Canaan with us, and others.

From the depths of the sea, my tongue richly praises you, and at the bottom of the sea I sing to you with joy. I left you, O Lord, in Jerusalem at the ark, and I found you under the ground preparing a way for me.

You made me reside in a new monastery underground. I sing to you with the sounds of praises because of your glory. I praise you, O good lord, from within death, and my mouth praises you during my tribulations.

Like a man in a temple, he prayed to our Lord in the whale’s belly, and like one standing amid the Cherubim, his prayers were heard- St Jacob of Serugh

A temple at sea is a translation of the writings of st jacobe of seruge about jonah the prophet tranlated by Fr Tadros Malaty.


Presented by: St Shenouda Press

Author: St Jacob of Serugh, Fr Tadros Y. Malaty

Publisher: St Shenouda Press

Year: 2021

Pages: 70


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