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Lets go to Liturgy

Lets go to Liturgy

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Lets go to Liturgy : There are many sacred objects in the Orthodox Church that we use during the liturgy that activates all of our senses. This is a way the church teaches us to worship God with all who we are. This makes kids enjoy the liturgy just as much, if not more, than an adult because it is not based on our cognitive skills.

Lets go to Liturgy teaches kids the names of different sacred objects we use in the liturgy followed by the way they should interact with them. The second part of Lets go to Liturgy explains the different parts of the liturgy and teaches kids how to interact with it.

Age: 0-5

Size: 8 x 8in

ISBN: 978-0-6451394-5-7

Publisher Name: St Shenouda Press

Publisher URL:

Publication Year: 2021

Pages : 22

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