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The Life & Sayings of Mother Yoana

The Life & Sayings of Mother Yoana

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The life of Mother (Tamav) Yoana, the revered Abess of St George Monastery for nuns in Old Cairo, Egypt, is a contemporary example for those who desire to live a life of spiritual depth and monastic devotion.

This book is a heartfelt tribute to a mother figure whose existence was a testament to the power of faith and the tangible reality of God's promise. Tamav Yoana's life was marked by spiritual richness and an unwavering dedication to monasticism, making her a beacon of inspiration and a symbol of devout spiritual labour.

As readers journey through these pages, they will discover how Tamav Yoana's grace-filled presence and gentle demeanour drew many closer to God, strengthening their faith and igniting their desire for repentance. Also,in this book you will read a selection of her spiritual writings that will give you a glimpse at her monastic and spiritual life.

As a tribute to a life that was a blessing to many, this narrative, invites readers to explore the profound impact of a soul deeply connected with God, encouraging them to pursue a true life of repentance. Her life was not just a blessing to her monastic community but to all who sought spiritual guidance.

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