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The Life of St Bishoy

The Life of St Bishoy

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St Bishoy, a well renowned saint of the 4th century, grew up amongst six other brothers. When he was young, his mother had a vision in which an angel revealed to her that the Lord had chosen Bishoy to serve Him as a special vessel of grace. He embarked on his journey of monasticism at the young age of twenty years old, and from there continued to grow from glory to glory. He is most renowned for his strong ascetic struggle and the Lord Jesus’ numerous apparitions to him, including even being carried by him.

The story of this great saint is a largely beloved one amongst Christians. The fact that he is also known as ‘St Bishoy the Perfect Man’, highlights the importance of reading his story and learning from it. St Bishoy the Beloved of Christ, written from the perspective of his brother, aims to instil a holy zeal in every child that picks up this book, showing them that God is both real and very close to His children.


Publisher Name : St Shenouda Press

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Publication Year : 2020

Pages: 82

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