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The Liturgy For Teens

The Liturgy For Teens

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The Liturgy brings God, humanity and the world together, it’s a mini incarnation, an incarnation of sound, smell, taste and touch. Salvation in the Orthodox church comes through union and intimacy with God, finding its greatest expression in the liturgy. The Eucharist is the moment of unity between all of creation throughout all the ages – the point where past and future all come together into the present. The instant where heaven and earth are one – when God wraps His outstretched arms around His children who are seeking His embrace.

Sometimes the liturgy can get a bit confusing… even boring. We ask why this is the case and we often hear the same answer “You don’t understand, when you understand then you will love it.” The point of this book isn’t to try and capture all the detailed descriptions and contemplations on the entire liturgy. If we tried to do that we could probably fill an entire library. Instead, the purpose of this book is to help those of us who sometimes struggle to connect with God and one another through the Eucharist; to share just a few gems from the many that the liturgy has to offer. These gems will help us to understand why this sacrament is interesting to some people and what I am missing out on by not understanding it.

This book is a great resource for your Sunday school class to help them understand and start to interact with the liturgy. It is a great read for individuals or as a resource for class discussion. It is full of illustrations, fun facts and sayings of the church fathers to help teens understand and enjoy the liturgy.

Author: Meena Awad

ISBN : 978-0-6485754-2-9

Publisher Name: St Shenouda Press

Publisher URL:

Publication Year: 2019

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