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Major Jewish Groups in the New Testament

Major Jewish Groups in the New Testament

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The Major Jewish Groups in the New Testament

When someone says he belongs to a certain group of people, such as the Conservative Party or the Lions Club, it is usually easy to identify with that person characteristics common to those associations. We would probably also recognise that he could belong to a number of groups without any serious conflict of interests.

This process of learning about people by their associations is also valid in our study of people who lived during Lord Jesus’ lifetime. This book will help you know them better!

Lord Jesus lived in a society that resembles our society nowadays!

He walked miles to the Samaritan woman, chose a Zealot as a disciple, healed the Canaanite woman, forgave the sins of Zacchaeus the Publican and ate in the house of Simon the Pharisee.

He accepted all.. He loved all..

And you too should do the same..

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