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My Holy Week Journal

My Holy Week Journal

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My Holy Week Journal : Holy week is filled with events that lead to the cross and resurrection of Jesus. The church lives everyone of these events in the church services throughout the week and with readings and hymns that match the events. One can not help but have personal contemplations or contemplations you hear in sermons throughout the week that are very important to write down for future read.

My Holy Week Journal gives you the chance to put down these thoughts and contemplations in one book for future reference. This Journal gives the psalm of each hour from Palm Sunday until good Friday with the psalm of the hour. There are also short articles and contemplation throughout the journal to help you live the events of Holy Week.

ISBN : 978-0-6451394-2-6

Publisher Name : St Shenouda Press

Publisher URL :

Publication Year : 2021

Size: 7x10 in

Pages : 94

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