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The Mystery Of The Tree OF Life

The Mystery Of The Tree OF Life

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The wonderful Tree of Life, discussed in the two “Book ends” of the Bible, Genesis and Revelation, is one of the most fascinating, yet mysterious and puzzling, subjects in all the inspired Word of God. The Tree of life, referred to in Genesis, is the symbol of God’s provision for immortality in the Garden of Eden. The Tree of life was provided to be a continuous reminder that immortality was a consequence of obedience (Gn3:16-17). After Adam and Eve’s Fall, the Tree of Life was not accessible and eternal life was now no longer theirs. Just as God had warned, they died, and through Adam all men after him would die (Rom5:12).

Because God knew that Adam would fail the conditions of his immortality, He provided for One who would redeem fallen mankind. Through one man, Adam, sin entered the world, but through another Man, Jesus Christ, redemption through the forgiveness of sin is available to all (Rom5:17).

Those who avail themselves of the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross will see the Tree of life again, for it stands in the middle of the Holy City, the New Jerusalem (Rev21:2, 22:1-2). Its water is the constant flow of everlasting life from God’s throne to God’s people.

The discussion in the TREE OF LIFE reflects the teaching of the Orthodox Church and is supported with Bible verses and sayings of the Early Fathers of the Church.

Author : Viola Yassa
ISBN : 978-0-6455543-4-2
Publisher Name : St Shenouda Press
Publisher URL :
Publication Year : 2022
Size: 5.5×8.5in
Pages : 228

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