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Path to the Kingdom

Path to the Kingdom

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Are you someone who is searching for God or someone who has begun their journey with Him? Then this free ebook is for you. Reading through the chapters of this book will take you through the different stages of your path with God explaining some of the primary steps you need for a full and meaningful relationship with Him.

The book is divided into five chapters, starting with believing in the existence of God and accepting Jesus as your Lord and savior. Then you go on a journey of how to live you a life in the church through the sacraments and how to discern Gods voice and follow His teachings found in the Bible. By following these steps you will be set on the straight path to the kingdom.

The distinct order of these chapters is important to your understanding of your progress in your spiritual journey. Each reader will connect differently with each chapter depending on where they are on their spiritual path.

Whether you're just starting out on your journey or seeking to strengthen your relationship with God, this book is an excellent resource for you.

Author: Nagy Iskander

Publisher Name : St Shenouda Press

Publisher URL :

Publication Year : 2023

Size: 6x9in


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