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Praying the Agpia – The Prayers of the Hours

Praying the Agpia – The Prayers of the Hours

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Praying the Agpia – The Prayers of the Hours : Praying with the Agpia teaches us how to converse with God; it contains supplication, gladness, joy, glorification, thanksgiving, and submission to God. It also includes the orthodox doctrine in detail, and reminds us of important events in the life of Jesus that must be kept in our minds throughout the day. It is a school in prayer, teaching you how to pray.

The word Agpia is derived from the word "Agp" which in the Coptic language means “an hour”.There are Seven Prayers in the Agpia, the First, Third, Sixth, Ninth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Hour, as well as the Midnight Prayer. David the prophet referred to it in the great psalm saying "seven times a day I praise you" (Ps 119:164).

Each of these prayers contains a general introduction, Psalms, requests, some passages, and prayers common to all hours, an absolution, and a general conclusion to every prayer.

Praying the Agpia – The Prayers of the Hours, explains the many spiritual benefits of praying with the Agpia. It also discusses the numerous evidence for the use of the psalms throughout the day and its use in the apostolic era.

Author : Pope Shenouda III

ISBN: 978-0-6451394-0-2

Publisher Name : St Shenouda PressPublisher URL :

Publication Year : 2021

Size: 5x8 in

Pages : 118

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