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The Life of Saint Anthony

The Life of Saint Anthony

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Saint Anthony the Great, the ‘Father of Monasticism’, never opened a monastery himself, but St Athanasius says of him, “For monks, the life of Anthony is a sufficient example of asceticism.”

Born in Egypt, and author of some of the earliest examples of monastic literature, St Anthony has been influential across the world, from the East to the West. To this day his life stands as a testimony to the ascetical life, which was both then and now, “spoken of everywhere, and admired by everyone.”

This book includes an abridged version of the Greek translation of the Life of Anthony by St Athanasius, to make it accessible for young readers. the second part of the book includes contemplations by Pope Shenouda III on the life of St Anthony, who was a very special companion of His Holiness, who was originally named Fr Antonios as a monk.

We hope you find this edition eye-opening to the wonder of St Anthony’s life and to the mysteries of asceticism.

Size: 8×5

Pages: 110

Published: 2020

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