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St Simon the Tanner - A man who Moved a Mountain

St Simon the Tanner - A man who Moved a Mountain

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St Simon the Tanner was an ordinary person who was neither a priest nor monk, and yet is one of the most known saints of the Coptic Orthodox Church. At the time of the reign of Al-Muizz, the first ruler of Egypt under the Fatimid dynasty, Pope Abraam the 62nd Patriarch was challenged to prove the authenticity of Matthew 17:20 regarding the faith to move mountains. He was guided by the Virgin Mary to seek the help of St Simon the Tanner, whom the Virgin Mary said the miracle would be performed through.

His humility and life of prayer and service gave him the faith that was strong enough to carry out the amazing miracle of moving the Mokattam Mountain. This miracle is an amazing example of God’s power and love as He saves His people from perishing! The story is told here through the eyes of Pope Abraam, in a way that will cause every reader to fall in love with the life of humility and trust in God, following St Simon’s example.


ISBN: 978-0-6451394-7-1

Publisher Name : St Shenouda Press


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Publication Year : 2021

Pages : 26

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