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The Sublime Life Of Monasticism

The Sublime Life Of Monasticism

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The funeral prayer is prayed on the monk during his ordination so as to raise him from the earthly life to a heavenly life. For this reason many people left the world and their family and lived in the deserts and caves longing for this life of Monasticism, the life of Christian perfection.

Today many books are published about the lives of these monks which drew many youth to the monastic life, yet one question is repeatedly asked "what are the signs of the Monastic calling?"

In this book there are many spiritual experiences of a monk who tasted the sweetness of this life in the wilderness of Scetis and we hope that through this book you will find the answer to this question.

Author : Bishop Mettaous

ISBN : 9780980517163

Publisher Name : St Shenouda Press

Publisher URL :

Publication Year : 2011

Pages : 170

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