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The Ascetic Monk

The Ascetic Monk

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The fragrant stories of contemporary saints revitalise the spiritual life of a sojourner on their way to heaven and encourages one to struggle in the spiritual life as they have in front of them contemporary living models that faced the same circumstances, environment, and obstacles in the modern era. These contemporary saints were able to struggle and endure in the spiritual life to victoriously gain the highest crowns.

Now we present to you, dear reader, one of the righteous contemporary stories who lived among us and we witnessed with our own eyes, the Very Reverend Fr Armanious El Souriani who departed in the late 20th century.

This book is beautifully written in an attractive style by Very Reverend Fr Zakaria El Souriani. When one starts to read the biography of Fr Armanious, the reader will not put the book down until he reaches the end. He will discover in the story of Fr Armanious the great work of God with His children who sojourn and cry out to Him boldly in the faith, as the Lord hears their petitions and answers their requests performing great works and miracles through them.

We thank the very respected Fr Zakaria for his efforts in gathering the information and hope that this fragrant story may be a source of blessing to all who read it.

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