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The Cross of Ministry - Lectures on Service and Discipleship

The Cross of Ministry - Lectures on Service and Discipleship

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Fr Bishoy's ministry was characterised by four core principles rooted in the cross: love, faith, discipleship, and self-denial. His genuine love for the crucified and resurrected Christ fueled his ministry and shaped his ministerial approach. He believed a real Christian servant embraces self-denial, commits to discipleship with Christ, carries their own cross, and, in doing so, participates in the crucifixion and resurrection with Christ. Only this way can a servant assist others in bearing their cross rising with Christ.

Fr Bishoy bore the cross of ministry through devoted years of service and teaching, consistently emphasising the centrality of the cross in every servant's life in Christ.

This book presents a collection and collation of Fr Bishoy's lectures and guidance for priests and servants, providing insights into ministry praxis. They have been reworked for a more reader friendly experience.

Author : Fr Bishoy Kamel

ISBN : 978-0-6457704-8-3

Publisher Name : St Shenouda Press

Publisher URL :

Publication Year : 2024

Size: 5×8in

Pages : 92

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