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The Fiery Spirit- eBook

The Fiery Spirit- eBook

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Our Lord Jesus Christ came on earth not to present us with mere commandments, but to renew our nature by His Holy Spirit, and to establish His kingdom in us. He came in order to convert our inner beings, which are void of beauty, into a unique, glorious spiritual world. In other words, He crucified our old man, who was in the image of the earthly Adam and bestowed on us a new man, in the image of the new heavenly Adam. For this, Jesus advised His Apostles not to leave Jerusalem until they received a Power from above (Acts 1:8).

Thus, my dear youth, do not fear the lust of the flesh or sin with all its temptations, or the whole world with all its burdens, as you have attained the Holy Spirit in the Holy Sacraments of Baptism and Chrismation (Mayroun), who works in you with all power! If you accept the work of the Holy Spirit in you and ask His assistance at any time, trust that He will support you.

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