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The transfiguration of Jesus is a pivotal event that is attested to in three of the gospels and is one of the Coptic Church’s minor lordly feasts.

Drawing on the Gospel narrative, Pope Shenouda III highlights the convergence of the Law and the Prophets, epitomized by the appearance of Moses and Elijah alongside the transfigured Christ. Yet, it's not just a story of celestial splendor; it's also a tale of human self-examination, as seen through the reactions of Peter, James, and John.

This eBook offers readers a deep contemplation of the Transfiguration, emphasizing its lessons for personal spiritual growth. Through the exploration of scriptural texts and early church fathers, readers are invited to deepen their understanding of Christ's nature and mission through this event.

Reflect upon the voice from the heavens that declared Jesus as the beloved Son. Understand Peter's instinctive response, its implications, and the broader message for all believers. Pope Shenouda III delves deep, weaving together the tapestry of scriptures, the thoughts of the early church fathers, and his own spiritual reflections. Dive into this enriching exploration and allow the Transfiguration to illuminate your spiritual path.

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